Something Motorcycle Related

Just to try and keep my sanity I decided to take the Oil Filter Relocation Kit (ORK) off yesterday to see if I could patch it enough to ride a few miles this week. Once I realized that my tool selection was woefully inadequate for this kind of work a quick trip to Lowe’s was in order. I picked up a 150 piece metric/SAE tool kit and honestly, best money I’ve ever put on credit :-D.

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So today makes 7 days since the last time I rode my bike since the oil leak got bad…I’m going through withdrawls. Still no luck on tracking down the right hoses for it..I’ve narrowed it down to 2 manufacturerers Jardine and Baron’s Custom. I’ve sent both companies a picture of the oil filter relocation kit and neither one can give me a for sure answer. And since the hose replaces are $50 and $80 respectively I really don’t want to just throw money at both..Although doing it that way would still be cheaper than buying a new kit from either company..