More Space!!

In November of this year I’ll have had my bike for 3 years. Throughout that entire time I’ve had space issues with the stock saddlebags. It had always been more of an inconvenience and really only affected me during camping trips on the bike. When I sold my Jeep a could of months ago I ran into some issues I hadn’t really thought about…Grocery buying, secure storage, etc..After much thought I decided to drop the bucks to get some high quality hard bags that are lockable. I ended up getting the Corbin FleetLiner Saddlebags.

I finally got them installed today and these things are *huge*. And since it’s taken me an hour to type this little bit, I’ll stop and post pics now 😀

One side done:
one side done

All done and open:
all done

The Six-Pack

No, I’m not talking about my abs…Yet ;-). I’m talking about a lunch bag geared towards bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who like to break up meals during the day. One of the things holding me back from switching to this method (aside from it being a pita) is how to carry all that food to work. I don’t want to have 6 tupperware containers that I will undoubtedly forget at work.

Six Pack Fitness looks like they’ve figured out how to make this convenient. They’ve come up with a bag that can hold everything one needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle at work or travelling. I think that the way I lift now is going to require me to start splitting up my meals so I don’t feel so run down and exhausted by the end of the day. Below is an image of what can fit inside..Pretty cool eh?



Thanks to a wonderfully early B-day gift from my Mom I now have a *true* winter riding coat. I’ve been eying First Gear’s Kilimanjaro jacket and now it’s mine! Here is a pic of it just so you get an idea of what it looks like.

This thing has it all..Water proof, armor in the shoulders, back, and elbows, windproof. Not to mention it has tons of pocket space for all my *cough* essentials ;-).  It also has a pull out liner that can be used a a light jacket. It got put to the test today going to work. It was 31* when I left the house. Thanks to my handy Wind Chill Calculator it was 11.7* while I was riding at 60mph..That’s effing cold in case anyone was wondering. Seriously by the time I got to work my torso was *sweating*.

I’m planning a trip this weekend out to the Outer Banks and I’ll be hitting a couple of ferries for a pretty long stretches (~2.5 hours one way) so it will be interesting to see how this thing holds up to a constant cold wind. I’ve only ridden with this jacket twice but I’m extremely happy with it.

So thanks Mom for the (extremely) early birthday present!! 🙂