New Pipes

Well..That didn’t take long did it? 😉 I’ve found the pipes I want for my new bike.

My intent is to black my bike out since I’m already rocking the black/gray paint job. They are HardKrome SideBurner 2 into 1’s. Brian over at has the chrome version on his bike and I really like the way they sound. Once I have some funds in the bank these will be on the way..I’m going to have to get something to re-tune the fuel injectors as well I think..

A Funny Thing Happened Outside The Waffle House

So Saturday I go to Waffle House and have breakfast. I’ve been doing this just about every weekend since we bought the house. This past Saturday I had the new bike and as I’m leaving I have an interesting exchange with another Waffle House patron. This requires a bit of setup so bear with me:

The Players:
Harley (It will become apparent as to why this gentleman has the name Harley)

I’m putting on all my gear and force of habit is I start my bike and let it warm up. With my previous bike it needed a few min to warm up on cold mornings. So I start it up and a guy standing in front decked from head to toe in Harley Davidson gear (Bandana, Jacket, boots, wallet with chain hanging from it). He looks at my bike and chuckles and shakes his head. So here’s how it went down:

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200 Report

I rolled on 200 miles this weekend. I didn’t get to ride much Friday since I had to go back to work after I picked up the bike and the wind was terrible as well. Today was, pretty much, the perfect day to ride. Temps were in the mid 50’s and the sun was shining. I took all familiar roads since I’m still getting used to this bike and i really don’t want to find a sharp curve I didn’t know about :-). So here are my thoughts on the new bike so far..

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1800 Club

As of today I’m a member of the 1800cc club and here’s how I got my membership:

And another of the big ass rear tire

All the pics I’ve taken of it so far can be seen here. All the new bike pics start with “c109rt”. Tomorrow looks to be an awesome day to ride and since I have some errands to do I’ll actually have a purpose :-D..(Not that I need one!)

Winter Is Here In North Carolina

Over the last few weeks we’ve had several cold fronts sweep through and made things quite chilly. For the last few days I’ve ridden to work with temps in the mid to upper 30’s. This morning was no exception..24 degrees when I left the house. I really did debate riding in or not and once I walked outside I just started the jeep and let it warm up..I’ve found that my cold weather gear is a bit lacking for temps under 30. I’m searching for some good over pants and a nice warm jacket. Currently I’m riding in with a sweatshirt under my jacket and it does the job but it’s still quite chilly.

I’m starting a new section here called “A Day In The Ride”. Basically I’ll be taking my camera with me and taking random pics as I ride…I keep seeing things as I’m riding that would make really good pics but I can’t usually pull over to take them..My thinking is to have my camera on a lanyard around my neck..I’ve played around with the setup and so far that’s the best choice..And don’t worry I’m not going to be taking pics when I should have my eye on the road ;-). I’m inspired to do this because of pics I’ve seen on a forum I frequent, AdvRider. I’ve got a few pics already that I’m going to upload tonight so look for a new post in the next few days.

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Back In The Saddle

Been sick the last week or so but I dragged my sick ass out to get the bike fixed Saturday afternoon. Took me all of an hour to drop the exhaust, pull the old oil filter relocation kit, get the new one installed and fill the oil back up…Took a short test ride to make sure no oil was leaking and then re-tightened all the bolts again. I was planning on riding Sunday but the little voice in my head told me not to so I listened 🙂

It was 35 degrees this morning and let me tell you..50 bucks for a pair of gloves, totally worth it!! It was actually really nice riding in and just felt good to be back on the bike. I haven’t ridden since I got back almost a month ago. Anyway..Rambling post but I don’t care cause I got to ride again :-D..Back to work..

Well Done

I usually don’t make posts about politics or religion but I just have to say this…

Well done Mr. President-elect Obama. You had my vote months ago. And I was proud to vote for you yesterday. I believe in you and I believe that you can bring the change to this nation that you promised and we so desperately need. My future and my retirement years are in your hands now. Please don’t let me down.

Something Motorcycle Related

Just to try and keep my sanity I decided to take the Oil Filter Relocation Kit (ORK) off yesterday to see if I could patch it enough to ride a few miles this week. Once I realized that my tool selection was woefully inadequate for this kind of work a quick trip to Lowe’s was in order. I picked up a 150 piece metric/SAE tool kit and honestly, best money I’ve ever put on credit :-D.

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