I really like diner food..There, I said it..Put me at a local greasy spoon and I’m damn happy.  I was out running errands today and decided to stop in at Rockin Comet Diner in Clayton NC. I’ve only eaten there a couple of times and to be honest I wasn’t impressed. This time I ordered the chicken fried steak with green beens and mac and cheese. Although the chicken fried steak was more chicken fried than steak it was still awesome and really hit the spot.

My favorite diner is still Waffle House..Some may argue this is not a diner since it’s a chain but to me it doesn’t get more diner than Waffle House. I usually go at least once a week and get the same thing every time. It’s gotten to the point that when I walk in I get a “hi” from all the staff and have a sweet tea at my stool before I sit down. It’s also to the point I don’t even have to tell them what I want. They just ask if I want the usual. The usual consists of: 3 eggs (overeasy), double order of hash browns (scattered, smothered, covered, and diced), and finally a side of patty sausage. That’s a good meal right there.

Right up near the top of my list is a place called Holy Smokes. It combines the diner feel with outstanding bbq. If you’re around Raleigh and looking for good bbq I highly recommend it. Thankfully the meat can stand alone and they don’t serve it in the typical eastern NC style. I’m not a fan of the vingar bbq stuff that marks eastern NC..If I want sauce I want something that sticks and doesn’t taste like I’m eating pickles…Sorry if you’re reading this think what I just typed is scraligous..I just don’t like vingar bbq..blech…

To me there is nothing better than hopping on the bike and riding to a diner for some food. I plan on exploring more of NC on the bike and I’ll post back with what I find. If you know of a diner or some place interesting drop me a comment, I’d love to check it out…

For Kate

Wow! Has been 3 years already…It seems like only a few months ago we first met in the airport in Rochester NY…I was expecting you to be at the gate and was pretty shocked when I didn’t see anyone there. I had been on the plane thinking that it would suck flying all the way up here and then not have anyone to meet. I was sooo nervous. And it didn’t help that it was winter time and surprisingly I’m not that agile on ice and snow..I seem to remember really working hard to find where I put my foot so as not to fall 🙂

But when I saw you stand up you took my heart away…I’ve been looking for it ever since. Your love and passion to us is something I see in you every day..After those hard days at work, thinking about seeing you at home makes whatever it was bothering me simply disappear. Things haven’t always been easy..And more than likely there will be more rough patches..But I’m confident that whatever comes our way we can make it through. I love you with all my everything…I know that sounds corny but I can’t simply pick one part, heart, mind, soul…You have them all.

I will always love you and try to return the love you show me every day that I’m on this earth. I can’t remember a past without you in it and I can’t even picture a future without you there.. Happy anniversary my love..3 years down, a lifetime to go.

Trip Report 02/07/09 Part 2

So I pull into Waffle House and I’m greeted by the usual talant that works at every single Waffle House. I order my food and then set about trying to figure out a way around the bridge work. Due to my piss poor planning  Ihad no paper maps and I was trying to use the GPS on my iPhone was unbearable. Between the lack of 3G network and the stupid NC DOT ferry site causing Safari to crash just as I was to the point of being able to get an address..Awesome!

After stuffing my face, drying out a bit from the dog in the river incident and a few text messages with Kate to get some addresses I felt ready to get back on the road.. That feeling didn’t last long. It took me about 10 minutes to realize the damn GPS was taking me the same route..grrrrr…Ok..So off with the damn thing and I just started looking for any road that was heading east. I knew that I wanted to head towards Havelock NC..That’s not the original ferry I wanted to take. I wanted to ride out to Cedar Island, catch the ferry to Ocracoke Island. Now the first problem was the GPS of course. I also read that the off season schedule for the ferry had changed..This put me trying to catch the 10:30a ferry for the 2.5 hour float out to Ocracoke Island. I would spend a bit of time riding the island and then catch either the 2p or 5p over to Swan Quarter and then loop back home.

Well that plan went sideways quickly. Luckly I’d put a secondary route into the GPS to the Havelock/Minnott Beach ferry..It was only a 20 min ride and it was free but it was still a ride on the water. I’m not sure of my facination with riding ferries but it’s something I really enjoy especially on the bike. While waiting in line I started talking with a nice guy who just so happened to ride a Harley. As soon as he pulled up I could tell he was not the “typical” Harley rider. From my experience the typical Harley rider is rocking the non DOT approved helmet, some type of Harley clothing, boots, chaps etc..Well this guy had a bright neon green riding jacket on..I mean bright neon green. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a jacket that was that green. We started chatting about bikes and had a really good converstaion on the ferry ride across. Really nice guy. Turns out he’d bought the bike off his son and has been riding it pretty much full time since August of last year.

I’m quite frustrated with my lack of planning on this little trip. I was trying to decide whether to keep going or hit another short ferry ride from Aurora NC to Bath NC. It was getting rather late by this time so I just decided to start back to the house. I had the GPS set for the shortest distance so I reset it to shortest time and the trip home re-calculated. It was at that moment I realized that if I’d changed this option while I was stuck at the bridge I probably would’ve gotten around it..So in the end I guess it was operator error :-).

The ride home was uneventful and quite pleasant. I was rather bummed about not getting out to Ocracoke but on the ride home I realized that I still had a really good time and all the problems and distractions are what made it a good trip. I’m very impressed with the way the bike handled and how the GPS worked. It exceeded my expectations in every way. So thanks for tagging along on my little trip..Even tho it was only a day it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about handling the bike as well as all the gadgets that I’ve seem to can’t live without.

Until next trip!

Trip Report 02/07/2009 Part 1

Took a quick trip out to the east coast of NC yesterday…This is going to be a fairly long post so for those of you who want the “agile”(I’m trying to incorporate some IT buzzwords that I hear at work 😉 ) version. Here ya go

  • I was cold in the morning
  • The new GPS I have got me lost ( yes, I’m blaming the GPS and not the operator)
  • I saved a dog from drowning in the Neuse River
  • I should’ve packed paper maps
  • I hate the stock seat on my bike more than ever
  • Not all Harley riders are dicks

Miles Traveled: 358

Start Time: 0723

End Time: 1815

Fuel Used: 10.397

MPG: 34.4

Fuel Cost: 21.54

Per Gallon: 2.07

For those who want the long version read on after the jump

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