New Theme

Anyone want to spin up a new motorcycle related theme for this site? The one that I’m using is horribly coded and, well, broken…I’m not artistic enough to come up with something but I’d be willing to pay a moderate fee to get something…Here’s hoping 🙂

Czech Republic

Yup…Out of the country for a week…I was hoping to have some pics up but I forgot my transfer cable at home and my iPhone is currently in airplane mode since I got a text from ATT when we landed saying that my calling plan didn’t apply and it would be $19.97 per MB for data..So yea…Phone is disabled atm..I will be uploading some pics from my iPhone later

Politically Correct

Go fuck yourself…I’m sick and tired of society waiting for the government to “save them” or the old “protect the kids”..Fuck off…Take responsibility for your kids…Don’t wait for the government to save them. Perfect example..Last night on the news there was a story about banning novelty lighters:

WAH!! I’m inept and need the state to tell me no


Last month, Goodwin said a child playing with a novelty lighter started a fire at a Jamestown, NC convenience store.

“Thankfully no one was hurt, but I’m concerned that if this bill is not made law, someone will get hurt next time,” said Goodwin.


I’m not even a parent but I think that if you *talk* to your spawn and tell them that playing with lighters/matches/fire is dangerous and then if you catch them still playing with fire BEAT THEIR ASS!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!

I don’t want the state or federal government telling me that I can’t buy a lighter that looks like Nemo if I want because you can’t control your spawn…

And that brings me to gun control…Seriously…Banning assault rifles will not stop them…More legislation red tape will not stop criminals WHO BY THE VERY NATURE OF BEING A CRIMINAL ARE NOT GOING TO LEGALLY OBTAIN A GUN! All that red tape is going to do is make it harder for tax paying, law abiding citizens to buy guns…Why is this so difficult to understand?? I’m all for background checks but to take it further than that I’m opposed…In North Carolina I had to get a background check and then I was *allowed* to get permits for 5 handguns. I don’t plan on buying all 5 but why am I limited??

Yes, I’m aware this is about motorcycles…If you don’t like it fuck off…I’m in a bad mood because people have no personal responsibility and now they’re expecting the state/federal government to raise they damn kids…I do have an idea of how to fix this but it will never happen…Remove every single warning label from everything…Let nature take it’s course..That’s not politically correct but that’s the way it would be if I ruled the world…So take your politically correct nanny state and shove it up your ass…