Some Stuff

Not much going on as far as travelling atm…And honestly I don’t really like riding in this heat..Since I wear jacket, gloves, full face, and boots everytime I get on the bike it can get a bit warm…Also been busy with work and life…I have recently upgraded my digital camera from a Nikon point and shoot to a Canon Digital Rebel XT.  It was actually Kate’s old camera and she upgraded to  Nikon D60.

I’ve really enjoyed messing around with the camera..So much so that I’ve setup a couple of online galleries to put these photos in…I still have my hosted gallery but honestly I’m getting tired of keeping it running…I’ll keep it going but I probably won’t add anything new to it.

The galleries:

Smug Mug – I only have a 14 day trial atm but I’ll probably go ahead and get a year which is usually 39 bucks but I used a coupon from another site I frequent and got 5 bucks off it if I choose to get a member ship. These are mostly just random shots I’ve been taking lately.

Facebook – Mississippi Trip

Facebook – Atlantic Beach NC