I Want, I Want, I Want, I Want!!

I’ve never been a real fan of bikes like those built by OCC. Don’t get me wrong they are awesome machines and I’ve seen one in person and they truly are art..But I don’t want to pay that much for a bike that I’d honestly be afraid to take out..

I found a site a few years back after the Discovery show “Biker Build-off” when they had a British bike builder named Russell Mitchell. He owns Exile Cycles. As he said on one of the shows he said to a guy that he could have any color bike as long as it was black. Every bike he builds is extremely clean and has a very industrial look to it. All the controls are usually hidden in the handlebars and the front/rear tires are ridiculously huge..I’m a fan..My bike now has a 150 front and 240 rear and I’ll never go back to skinnier tires..

I asked myself what would be a dream bike for me? Only one came to mind..Meet “Fat Bloke”

Fat Bloke

Ready to paint this bike goes for 30k…Ready to ride is 50k…If I had the money there would be a pic of a Fat Bloke with yours truly on it ;-). More pics can be found at Exile Cycles

New Helmet…Or Not…

A few months back (March..But who’s counting :-/) I ordered a new helmet through the local motorcycle dealership…I bought my bike from them and have had nothing but good experiences with them…The helmet is from Vega and the only reason I wanted it was because it had built-in Bluetooth so I could link my phone to it and listen to music without having wired headphones.


So that’s exactly it…Flat black and all…So after repeated hold ups with the helmets delayed by Vega and then getting held up in customs I get a call last week saying the helmets were in…Only problem is I ordered an XXL, flat black helmet..The guy from the dealership said he had in an XL silver one…*sigh*

So fast forward to today and I decided to swing by and see if the flat black on had come in…Still nothing…But he did have a silver XXL…Awesome! I can at least try it on and test the sound…Low and behold I put it on and it’s so damn tight that I can’t even get my glasses back on…Apparently Vega’s XXL is only a L in real people sizes…

Long post I know but I’m pretty damn bummed about it…After all the waiting and checking and more waiting I have to start from scratch..The dealership had no more helmets with built-in Bluetooth and I’ve found some online but that’s going to be a pretty big leap of faith to buy without trying it out…I guess I just need to make sure they have a sane return policy.

Speaking of return policy and totally off topic..I picked up a new pair of riding boots a few weeks back..Made by Alpinestars with no laces and only going a bit above my ankle…I actually really liked them and was in the process of breaking in. Then the side zipper came off it’s track after only wearing them for a week :-(.

I just returned them Friday so I’m on the look out for new boots as well. Seems my luck with gear lately is not good :-(. However I do recommend Motorcycle Superstore for all your motorcycle gear needs..They were on top of things for the return.

Hears hoping that things turn around b/c I really don’t like returning things..Especially online purchase since it’s usually such a hassle. I’ve got a new post coming soon about a quick trip I took to Pilot Mtn/Mt. Airy NC a few weeks back..I meant to put it up when I got back but got distracted. There were some really awesome mountain roads there..