A converstation

Between my left and right brain earlier today:

Left Brain: Dude! Right Brain…You forgot our boot socks!!
Right Brain: Look..We’ve had this discussion before..The only thing I asked you to remember and now you’re blaming me…Typical..
Left Brain: Anyway..We should postpone our road march today…These socks we have on won’t cut it and we’ll probably get blisters…Remember the last time when we……
Right Brian: You worry too much…We’ll be fine…Let’s get it on!!!!

Fast forward 2 miles…

Left Brain: Right Brain?
Right Brain: What??
Left Brain: Told you so…
Right Brain: Shut up…

I did take my blisters swimming after work..35 min continuous..They didn’t approve…

What’s with all the crickets??

Still dealing with some motivation issues, and other things…Anyway…Weigh in updates for the last 2 weeks:

Weigh In (09/19/2010)
Diff from last weigh in: -2
Overall diff from 6/28/2010:26lb loss

Weigh In (09/13/2010)
Diff from last weigh in: +1
Overall diff from 6/28/2010:24lb loss

So, a 1lb gain week before last and a 2lb loss last week. I should be happy right? So why am I not?

An Update

Weigh In
Diff from last weigh in: +1
Overall diff from 6/28/2010:24lb loss

I haven’t worked out in 13 days. Mostly I think b/c of lack of motivation but coupled with some late night work. Feeling much better about it today so I’ll hit the gym after work and get back into the swing of things. I’ve still been eating fairly well. Probably could have made some better choices but overall feeling good about the food part.

Weekly Summary 29-Aug-2010 – 05-Sep-2010

Weigh In
Diff from last weigh in: -4
Overall diff from 6/28/2010:25lb loss

Wow!! I was bummed after last weeks gain..Even though it was a 1lb it still pissed me off and I wanted to make sure this week was different. However, I didn’t do that well with workouts. I stayed on course with food intake, but a couple of days my workouts fell by the wayside. Partially because I was unmotivated and partially because I just felt exhausted. I feel much, much better now but the gym is closed tomorrow because of Labor Day. I think I will load up my rucksack and put on my new boots and start getting them broken in for the half marathon in November 🙂

Boots on the ground