Trip Planning

There really isn’t anything that makes me happier than trip planning. Motorcycle trip planning that is. I love the entire process from looking at Google Maps trying to find a place to go, to actually planning the route. I try not to over plan b/c having done that before I felt locked into doing everything I had listed and it was a vacation full of stress. Now, I just plan the initial route to get to where ever it is that I’m going and the route back (usually going a different way that I went). Leaving days at the destination open to exploration.

Now don’t get me wrong I do look for stuff to do at the destination, but instead of “yes I will go to X” it’s more of a note filed away of stuff to see if I don’t find anything else more interesting.

Music Memory Monday (Special “Not Monday” Edition)

In honour of the 20th anniversary of Metallica’s “Black Album” I thought I’d post one of my favorite songs from that album..This was the first CD I ever bought. I remember sitting on the floor in my room simply amazed at the sound, the lyrics, everything about it..Simply perfection.

This is one album that I love every single track, but here’s one of my absolute favs “The God That Failed”.

Music Memories Monday

I thought I’d start a semi-regular posting schedule around here so I sat down to figure out what I wanted to write about…I still don’t really know but I came up with “Music Memories Monday”. Basically it’s going to be me linking to a song/video/lyrics of a song that has impacted me.

I love music of all types. Growing up I’d always listened to the radio and radio in rural Mississippi consisted of top 40, country, classical, and more country.

I heard this song when I was stationed in Korea…I couldn’t get enough of it. The first time hearing it was at a party in the barracks of the unit I was attached to and I’m fairly certain I had been drinking which may or may not have made a difference :-). But, without further ado here is the band Bush and their song Machinehead…