A Pretty Serious Post

I stopped making resolutions years ago simply because I never followed through with them. The last several years have progressively gotten worse for me, mostly due to my own actions and inactions.

The latest shooting in CT has brought to the forefront something that I’ve dealt with for years, mental health. More appropriately the stigma associated with mental health. The idea that someone is weak because they deal with depression, PTSD or any other mental health issue. I want that stigma gone so and sitting on the sidelines for most of my life hasn’t helped so if I want the game to change then I need to have some skin in it.

I want to put a warning here for those dealing with depression or any other mental related issues that what follows could be triggering..I also want to stress that what follows might be difficult for some to read.

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The Next Post

Turns out that posting my last entry did help somewhat…Thank you to those who sent me messages of support..I didn’t reply to any of them simply because I didn’t know what to say..As I stated I wasn’t looking for a pat on the back or an “atta boy”. But I do thank you for the kind words.