Workout 20-June-2017

Tuesday means it’s weigh in day! Today I’m down 3.1lbs from last Tuesday. Overall since May 22nd I’m down 17.3lbs. I’m really happy with the progress so far. Went a bit over on my fat today but getting closer with carbs and even protein. Trying out some new protein cookies to see how I like them. They actually have 10g more protein than the whey protein power I’m using.

Morning Workout:

Barbell Bentover Row – 95lbs (first set), 115lbs (last three sets) – 10/10/10/10

Preacher Curls – 45lbs (first set), 55lbs (second and forth set), 60lbs (third set) – 10/10/8/8

Incline Bench Press – 85lbs (first set), 95lbs (last three sets) – 10/10/8/8

Machine Chest Flies – 100lbs (first set), 105lbs (second and third set), 110lbs (forth set) – 15/15/15/15

TRX Rows – Bodyweight – 12/12/12/12

Battle Rope – No weight – 40sec/40sec/40sec/40sec

Treadmill – 35min – 5.0% Incline – 3.1mph – HR: ~120bpm for entire time

Evening Workout:

Treadmill – 45min – 5.0% Incline – 3.1mph – HR: ~120bpm for entire time

Goal Macros: (Daily Macros)

Carbs = 245 (242), Protein = 240 (228), Fat = 100 (116)

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