More Voltage Regulator Drama

So the regulator got here at 5:30pm the day before I’m supposed to leave (thanks for nothing UPS). I get it installed go to start the bike for a test ride and I turn the key…Nothing..Not lights,No Nothing..*sigh*

So I’ve got the battery tender hooked up to it now. I let it charge for 30min and then turned the key again and finally got some weak indicator lights..I’m just hoping the batter is dead. I’ll probably have to let charge overnight and then see how it goes in the morning. I’m fully expecting to have to buy another new battery..As of now I’m still planning to leave tomorrow..6:30am was what I was shooting for but it will probably be later than that. Especially if I have to go to the stealership to buy a new battery..If it comes to that I really hope they have it in stock. With the way my luck has been going that will be the next hurdle.

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