Quick Update

Made it to Savannah GA last night around 9:30pm. Decided to get a hotel for the night. Today I’m heading out to Montgomery AL which should be ~364mi. Bike handled beautifully all day yesterday. Got really good gas mileage as well as passed through some really cool small towns. I did take a few pics and I’ll try and get those posted in today or tomorrow whenever I can find internet.

I did end up taking I-95 for a couple of hours last night. It started getting dark and country roads harbor deer and other animals that like to run out in front of you. So the last little bit to Savannah was on super slab and I will try to avoid it at all costs in the future..

On thing is for sure I will be getting a GPS for the next trip. This looking down at the map while riding thing sucks.

Couple of random thoughts from the ride yesterday:

  1. The town crossing over from NC to SC on 401 smells like feet…Like the entire town does
  2. People give you really strange looks when you put your bike in front of their “Welcome to <statename>” signs.. I’m looking at you SC!
  3. Riding interstate sucks ass no matter what state you’re in.

More later…

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