Oil Leak to Oil Spray

As I said in an earlier post I had to cut my vacation short due to an oil leak on my bike. I found where the leak was and I used some teflon tape to patch it up. Well, this morning that leak graduated to a spray. I stopped to put air in my back tire no more than 2 miles from the house and before I got my kickstand down there was a puddle of oil under my bike. *sigh* Luckily I have been carrying a 2qt container of oil since I left MS last week..So I filled er up and limped back home.

By the time I got home it was halfway down again. So I’m trying to identify the type of oil relocation kit so I can order new lines and fittings to see if that fixes it before I drop 280 bucks on a new relocation kit. I’ve emailed the previous owner and he’s looking through his docs to see if he has that info..

I’ve also had to bump up a project I was hoping to save up for. I need a place to work on the bike. Currently I work on it in the front yard and that is just not a good place with all the grass and bugs and what not. So this weekend I’ll be buying the material to add a deck setup to our small storage shed in the backyard. Not ideal but since Feb when I last tried to buy a 24×24 metal building the price has gone from 5k to 7k. So while I’m saving for that it’s going to take a nice long while to get that much money and I’m pretty sure the price will only go up in the time it takes me to save it. So the deck is my only short term option.

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