The Dark Side

Picked up an iPhone on Friday…I feel a bit dirty by using it but I have to admit it’s a damn nice phone. I went to T-Mobile with the full intention of buying a G1 Google phone. 3 things, 1. They had no working phone instore to play around with..I’m a geek I like to play with technology before I buy it. 2. There is no 3G network in this area and won’t be until next December. I spoke with a guy who has one and he said it was slow but there was a fix going out this weekend that would speed it up. 3. The sales person that I talked to had some song blasting out of his phone, which was in his pocket, the entire time I was talking to him and it was annoyingly loud..

So I have an iPhone now…I have loaded it up with music and downloaded a few custom ringtones (The Knight Rider theme and the Imperial March)..So far I’m really happy with it…I also have a free app called Lightsaber which is freaking awesome…


  1. Kate says:

    I blame you for making me want one. It’s totally your fault. :-p

  2. MrZoG says:


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