Winter Is Here In North Carolina

Over the last few weeks we’ve had several cold fronts sweep through and made things quite chilly. For the last few days I’ve ridden to work with temps in the mid to upper 30’s. This morning was no exception..24 degrees when I left the house. I really did debate riding in or not and once I walked outside I just started the jeep and let it warm up..I’ve found that my cold weather gear is a bit lacking for temps under 30. I’m searching for some good over pants and a nice warm jacket. Currently I’m riding in with a sweatshirt under my jacket and it does the job but it’s still quite chilly.

I’m starting a new section here called “A Day In The Ride”. Basically I’ll be taking my camera with me and taking random pics as I ride…I keep seeing things as I’m riding that would make really good pics but I can’t usually pull over to take them..My thinking is to have my camera on a lanyard around my neck..I’ve played around with the setup and so far that’s the best choice..And don’t worry I’m not going to be taking pics when I should have my eye on the road ;-). I’m inspired to do this because of pics I’ve seen on a forum I frequent, AdvRider. I’ve got a few pics already that I’m going to upload tonight so look for a new post in the next few days.

I’ve been eyeing a new motorcycle. I know what you’re thinking, “But you haven’t had your current bike very long why would you want another one?”. I’ve asked myself the same thing and I keep coming back to 2 things:

  1. My bike has over 50 thousand miles on it. While the bike is still reliable and I trust it it’s getting to the point where things will need to be replaced and I don’t really want to put anymore money into it than I already have.
  2. It’s only an 1100cc bike. The bike I’m looking at is an 1800cc bike. This extra power will give me a bit better performance on the interstate as well as being more comfortable for two when Kate starts riding with me.

Some other things that make me want to get a new bike in no specific order:

  • My bike is a 2000, technology has come a really long way in 8 years as far as engines, suspension and braking
  • The thought of having a bike with a 4 year warranty so that if anything major goes wrong with it (*cough* like an oil leak *cough*) I can just take it in and have it fixed..It’s really not that I don’t like working on my bike and I will continue to do that..But the piece of mind if something major goes out it’s covered is nice to have.
  • Now is a really good time to buy a bike..Prices are somewhat lower during the “off season”
  • I’m stoked about having linked brakes..I like the idea of pressing the rear brake and some front braking happens. Granted this doesn’t replace using the front brake since only one piston engages up front when you hit the rear brake but it’s nice to see the rear brake getting some love..You can stop faster using both brakes as opposed to just one.

I’m looking at getting a 2008 Suzuki C109RT. It’s a cruiser type bike and the “T” stands for touring so it has a windshield and saddlebags standard. My first bike didn’t have either but now that I have both on my current bike I can’t see not having them..Especially the windshield. It makes riding in cold weather tolerable. Anyway..Enough rambling..Keep an eye out for the new section.

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