1800 Club

As of today I’m a member of the 1800cc club and here’s how I got my membership:

And another of the big ass rear tire

All the pics I’ve taken of it so far can be seen here. All the new bike pics start with “c109rt”. Tomorrow looks to be an awesome day to ride and since I have some errands to do I’ll actually have a purpose :-D..(Not that I need one!)


  1. mom says:

    OH, my! A new toy! LOL I particularly liked that picture of the odometer registering zero!

  2. Jake says:

    🙂 Had to prove that it was straight out of the crate!

  3. sthrnmsgirl says:

    Love the new bike!

  4. Donna says:

    nice bike!!

  5. MrZoG says:

    Welcome to the club, not just anyone can handle the beast that is the 1800. I know you will really did this bike when you get out on long trips.

  6. […] 1800 Club welcomes its newest member Jake. you can check out his new ride here .  Its been a long time comming and I know how excited he is to own the beast from the east. He is […]

  7. Kate says:

    It’s pretty nifty 🙂

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