200 Report

I rolled on 200 miles this weekend. I didn’t get to ride much Friday since I had to go back to work after I picked up the bike and the wind was terrible as well. Today was, pretty much, the perfect day to ride. Temps were in the mid 50’s and the sun was shining. I took all familiar roads since I’m still getting used to this bike and i really don’t want to find a sharp curve I didn’t know about :-). So here are my thoughts on the new bike so far..

Front Tire:

The front tire on this bike is huge! I’ve been a big fan of large front tires simply because when a road is expanded there are seams that the road crews don’t bother getting rid of..If you’re in a car you probably never even notice these seams but if you have a bike you’ll feel them and as the bike tire crosses that seam it feels like the bike is unstable. With a large front tire the bike just cruises over these seams with no problem.


Like most other windshields this one is just a tad too short for me. This one does have lowers on it which keep damn near all the wind from behind the shield..


I really like the pulled back feel of the stock bars..The only compliant I have are the stock grips. They suck. They suck really, really bad. In fact the first mod I made to the bike was having new grips put on. I bought the same grips I had on my Vstar and all is right now šŸ™‚

Instrument Cluster:

I *finally* have a gas gauge!!! On my last bike I had to keep track of how many miles I’d gone in between fillups. This bike not only has a gas gauge but it has a gas light that starts blinking when it’s time to start looking for a fill up. I only got 142 miles on the first tank before the gas light started blinking. Granted, if this had been the Vstar I would have already had to switch to my reserve since the main tank would have been out. One thing I have to keep reminding myself of is this bike doesn’t have a reserve, if I run out of gas I’m stuck.

Another gripe with Suzuki. Why on earth would you build this wonderful bike and not include **self cancelling turn signals**?! It really bugs me to have to remember to turn the signals off.

The odometer and gas gauge along with a clock are all in an LCD. I was a bit worried that if in direct sunlight the numbers would get washed out like they sometimes did on the Vstar but that didn’t happen. The addition of a clock was a good decision. I never know what time it is since I can’t dig my phone out to look at the time..One thing I was it had was a thermometer.


This thing is a damn hoss. Since the bike is still in break in period I haven’t “poured the coal to it” so to speak. But it has been really hard to keep this bike below 70 and not because I’m a speed demon or anything but because 70 on this bike feels like 45 on my last bike. I did happen to get a flash from local law enforcement so that has been helping me keep it low O:-)

Heel/Toe Shifter:

I’ve never used one of these before. Basically you have two ways to change gears..To up shift you can lift your toes up and shift or with the heel shifter you simply press down with your heel to upshift. I have no problem once I get passed the 1st –> 2nd. Seems I can’t quite get that down without sticking in neutral.

Linked Brakes:

I love them! Not much else to say about them other than they’re awesome

Stock Seat:

Another grip with Suzuki..Why oh why is there such a crappy seat on this machine?? I mean seriously I could only do ~50 miles without needing to get off and walk around. On my Vstar with the Mustang seat I could do ~110 miles with no problem..Suzuki needs to think about putting a better seat on their flagship cruiser..And unfortunatly I won’t be able to replace the seat until spring since the site I want to buy the seat from won’t have them until then :-(. I could get a replacement seat in the interim but that’s an expensive way to go since the new custom seat is going to be ~860 bucks..So I don’t really want to spend that twice.

Stock Exhaust:

Since I’ve been putting some miles on the bike the sound of the stock exhaust has gotten so much better. It really has a throaty growl to it now. I’m going to really take my time to get a different exhaust because I don’t want to mess up the look or the sound this bike has.

Rear Tire:

240..Huge rear tire. I’ve noticed that I have to commit a bit harder to get the bike into a turn. The stability once I’m in the turn is awesome however. I didn’t really start diving corners until I hit 140 miles because I really wanted to make sure that the new tires were scuffed enough and all that gloss shit that gets painted on them was off. They came with Bridgstone tires so I’ll be interested to how these last since I’ve heard that this type of Bridgestones wear a bit faster than other brands.

Sheeple Appeal:

It seems the sheeple like the bike. I’ve had several conversations over the last few days, one of which was just ridiculous that will be made into a post later this evening. I’ve had a lot of thumbs up on it and a few Harley guys turn their nose up..But overall I think the sheeple approve. /me rolls eyes.


The main thing that impresses me about this bike is the manuverablity. This bike doesn’t move like a bike close to 850lbs. It moves better than my Vstar which was over 200lbs lighter. I’ve only got 200 miles on it and I plan on putting a lot more. But I’m extremely impressed with this bike and barring anything major happening I don’t see that changing.

5 thoughts on “200 Report”

  1. I could not have said it better, I fell the exact same way about my ride. The turn signals are anoying but after a few days you get use to it. No only that but when I ride in FL I leave a blinker on all the time to blend in with the bluehairs!!

  2. @Mom: Links on the way! šŸ™‚

    @MrZog: lol..give a new meaning to urban cammo šŸ˜€

    @Kate: Thank you for being so understanding and supporting with my new purchase..I love you :-*

    @MrZog: Already there..New grips have been installed..Pics coming soon O:-)

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