A Funny Thing Happened Outside The Waffle House

So Saturday I go to Waffle House and have breakfast. I’ve been doing this just about every weekend since we bought the house. This past Saturday I had the new bike and as I’m leaving I have an interesting exchange with another Waffle House patron. This requires a bit of setup so bear with me:

The Players:
Harley (It will become apparent as to why this gentleman has the name Harley)

I’m putting on all my gear and force of habit is I start my bike and let it warm up. With my previous bike it needed a few min to warm up on cold mornings. So I start it up and a guy standing in front decked from head to toe in Harley Davidson gear (Bandana, Jacket, boots, wallet with chain hanging from it). He looks at my bike and chuckles and shakes his head. So here’s how it went down:

Me: Whatcha laughin at there Harley?
Harley: That thing sounds like a damn car! (laughs)
Me: (laughs) Well it’s louder than what you’ve got!
Harley: Naw man!! Mine will make your ears bleed!
Me: Oh yea? Start it up and lemme hear it then!

Now would be a good point to say that Harley didn’t just getting off his bike..No no no..Harley got out of his Ford Astro Van..Decked from head to toe in nothing but Harley Davidson gear. **Decked from head to toe!!!** So as I’m saying start it up so I can hear it I’m pointing to his van.

Harley: Naw! Not that! I mean my bike!
Med: Oh! You ride? Where’s your bike at then?
Harley: She’s put up for the winter..
Me: Well that’s a shame..It’s a pretty day for a ride. Maybe when you get her out of moth balls I can hear that earbleeding sound you mentioned..

Now I’m just trying not to laugh. Honestly, why would you wear everything Harley when you’re not riding?? I don’t understand that. I don’t lavish myself in Suzuki gear when I’m not riding..Hell none of my protective gear is Suzuki. Not that I’m not proud of my bike but I just won’t be “that guy” that has to show everyone around him what kind of bike he rides and how cool he is. I let my bike do the talking for me. I honestly have nothing against Harley Davidson other than the fact that the bikes are sooo over priced it’s ridiculous. In order to get a bike even close to match what I got with my C109RT I’d have to shell out ~35k. I paid significantly less than that for my bike..In fact well less than half that.

I just get tired of catching shit from these guys who ride a Harley but only ride it when the weather is good and never ever really put their bike on the road..Now don’t jump on me because not everyone likes to ride all the time..Hell I don’t even like to ride all the time..There are days when I would just rather drive than ride..Put don’t give me shit because I don’t have Harley Davidson on my bike..And especially don’t give me shit if you are not riding because it’s too cold. I’ll ride with anyone..I don’t care what kind of bike you have. If I see a Harley I like, I usually take a pic of it and try to give props to the owner for making the bike look different. If you have a look in my gallery you’ll see a lot of pics of Harley’s that I really, really like.

I didn’t buy my bike because I couldn’t afford a Harley. I bought my bike because it has an overall better design and I don’t feel like paying an extra 18k for a name. I’ve been around Harley’s..They have some nice bikes..Hell I was contemplating buying one for about 4 days when I was taking the Motorcycle Safety course at the HD dealership. But the ROI just isn’t high enough for me to even seriously consider buying one. I bought my bike to ride..And ride it I will. And when I pass you up don’t get mad..Don’t get upset..You have a Harley and I don’t..That will make you feel better. But don’t try and catch me..Because I promise you won’t. 😛

4 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened Outside The Waffle House”

  1. Harley guys and Motoguzzi guys WTF is their deal….
    Beside is hard to hear a Harley when they are behind you…. Or if there bike runs in the first place. I am so sick of I have a Harley I am better than you mentality that goes with their bikes. Most Harley riders are one foot away from a gOLDwing or death, or are the same guys with the barbwire tattoo on their arms who don’t mind the rattle of the motor because they are impotent anyway. Their I said it… Well I may not have a Harley but I am no brand whore either.

  2. One more thing is hard to be “Hard Core Harley guy while getting out of your Ford MiniVan” Harley’s tag should read ASSHAT. Put it up for the winter, be a man and ride that is what hard core Harley guys do right. Get in your minivan and prowl for kids you retard.

  3. One last thing I considered buying a Harley they have one model that I like, I like it because it the least Harley looking model. With that said it took about 2 days to realize I don’t want a Harley. I could buy a Victory and own my Honda and still not spend as much as a Hardly worth is Davidson. As you can tell I am really touch regarding this subject.

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