What A Difference

I’ve been riding almost every day since I fixed my old bike and I’ve been riding everyday since I got my new bike. There has been some *really* cold mornings but overall it hasn’t been that bad. I won’t go so far to say that I wasn’t cold, because I was damn cold..But it wasn’t an uncomfortable cold. I think this is due to the windshield that both bikes have. The new bike even has lowers which are below the windshield and deflect a good bit more air.

I’ve also found that anything below 30 degrees my gloves suck. It typically takes me 45 min to get to work with the route that I take. Under 30 degrees and 15 min into the ride my hands start to get numb. I’ve found that as long as I move them they don’t get so numb that I can work the clutch and brake. I also picked up a pair of glove liners for, ~9 bucks, that are silk and not only do they make it easier getting my outer gloves on but they also give me an extra 10-15 min on those below 30 degree mornings.

Today was just a perfect morning to ride in. There was no humidity in the air which means no frost on the bike (naturally since I remembered to cover it up last night) and the temp was 40 degrees. Perfect riding weather. There are some pics after the jump that I took on Wednesday since it was ~23 degrees and I forgot to cover the bike the night before

First, a frosty saddlebag

Next we have a frosty seat

And finally a frosty windshield

I still love the fact that when I ride in cold people always ask me if I rode. An example, I stopped by the grocery store Wednesday night. It wasn’t nearly as cold as it was that morning but as I was searching for what I wanted a guy asked me if I was riding in this weather…Now I was caring my helmet and had my armored jacket on. All I could think about was Bill Engvall’s “Here’s your sign” routine..”Nope, I decided to put the Pinto through its paces on the way here.”  Of course being a “nice guy” I didn’t say that sadly..I just said yup and then listened to him ramble for 10-15 min about how he used to ride and then he gave it up because it was too dangerous blah blah blah..Sometimes people really get on my nerves.

A quick update on the bike. I just rolled 700 miles on her..This thing just keeps getting better and better as the miles go on. The engine has gotten super responsive. As soon as I roll on the throttle there’s no more hesitation at all. It wasn’t really a pronounced hesitation but after riding it a few times you would feel it. The stock exhaust has really surprised me. The rumble has gotten deeper and deeper the more I ride. In fact I set off not one, but two car alarms in my company’s parking deck and they were on separate levels :-).  I’ve really gotten used to the way this bike handles now and I don’t even think about corning anymore it just happens. Now I have scraped my floorboards a couple of times but nothing too bad. I’m getting used to the turn signals and I’m getting the habit of turning the signals off after I turn. Overall I’m still extraordinarily pleased with this bike and have no regrets about buying it.

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