Bad Weather Riding

These last few days have been pretty tough as far as riding. I’m really making an effort to ride in the rain since it’s something I’m not overly comfortable with. I always listen to the “little voice” about riding in bad weather and so far this week he’s been quiet so I’ve ridden every day. Now it’s not that I *like* riding in the rain or cold..In fact I hate it..But I feel it makes me a better rider by finding out the limits of my bike and riding in conditions other than ideal. You never know when you’re on an extended trip when/if it will start raining. I was extremely nervous when I took my trip back in October about bad weather. Luckly the only two days it rained were the two days that I used for a rest day.

This past week and a half or so the weather has been perfect for riding, aside from the rain of course ;). Over the weekend it was in the mid 60’s with nothing but sunshine. Those days bring out the fair weather riders. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a fair weather rider. I still consider myself a fair weather rider. I’ve started really getting into riding no matter what the weather is though. But I’ve only been in that mindset for a few months now. So far I’ve hit some pretty damn cold weather. Multiple times in the last 2 weeks when I head into work the temp is below 25F. Since I really don’t have any “good” cold weather gear yet I’ve been riding with my summer armored jacket with a sweatshirt on underneath it..Definitely not ideal but good cold weather is expensive, but it gets me by. Having a good windshield keeps most of the cold just on my hands and legs. Also found out that if the temp is under 28F I might as well not wear my gloves because they do no good at all.

And now back to the fair weather riders..I went to IHop for breakfast on Saturday and there were several bikers there ranging from Goldwinger’s to Harley Riders..They were heading out as I pulled in and I watched them gear up..They were seriously dressed like it was -10F and it was ~62F. I pull up with my summer armored jacket on with a tshirt underneath and my summer gloves and I was very comfortable. One of the guys looked over at me as I was getting off and asked if I was feeling the cold..I laughed and told him I had ridden to work on the coldest day of that week and that the temp today made it feel like spring time. He shook his head and finished putting on his chaps and puffy leather jacket.

I guess that’s the positive I take out of crappy riding days like today when it’s cold and wet…When a random “warm” day comes along during winter I know that I can truly enjoy it without worrying about freezing to death. But I have to admit that even when it’s miserable, cold, wet and just generally crappy..I still love to ride. Everytime I walk out of the house no matter what the weather is I just can’t see myself taking the jeep to work. Does that define passion or obsession?  I’m going to go with passion because I don’t like to obsess about anything 🙂

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  1. I am no fan of the rain, but like you said it is something you will have to deal with one time or another, so its best you are skilled in riding in no so lovely weather. I have also learned that even the the middle of summer to keep so light cold gear on the bike

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