I tend to want to have some music playing when I ride. As it’s been discussed in a couple of forums I read the opinions are pretty much divided. Some feel that it’s a distraction and others love it. Some think that it’s an abomination to listen to anything other than the bike and the wind..Whatever..If i’m in the mood for music I listen to music..If not I don’t…Pretty simple..For those times when i’m in the mood I use my SanDisk Sansa. It only came with 1G of space but it has a slot for a microSD card which I had a spare 1G card..So 2G of music is plenty for the commute. The biggest selling point of this player for me is that it can get FM. So I can get traffic and the morning show I like to listen to on the way to work.

Another selling point is that it “just works” under Linux. I don’t need a gui or any special software to put mp3’s on it..I plug it in, it gets picked up as a removable storage drive and I just move the mp3’s I want into the Music folder. Simple eh?  All of this functionality and it’s no bigger than a normal usb drive:

Do you ride with music or without?

2 thoughts on “Music”

  1. I would like to ride with music I have a hard time hearing it though, I need a full face helmet. What model is that I have been looking for something that size with expandable memory.

  2. @MrZog: It’s a Sandisk Sansa..I got it at Best Buy a few years ago..I looked recently and I saw a different type of Sansa so I’m not sure if they still make this type which is a shame..1G base for 79 bucks..

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