Trip Report 02/07/2009 Part 1

Took a quick trip out to the east coast of NC yesterday…This is going to be a fairly long post so for those of you who want the “agile”(I’m trying to incorporate some IT buzzwords that I hear at work 😉 ) version. Here ya go

  • I was cold in the morning
  • The new GPS I have got me lost ( yes, I’m blaming the GPS and not the operator)
  • I saved a dog from drowning in the Neuse River
  • I should’ve packed paper maps
  • I hate the stock seat on my bike more than ever
  • Not all Harley riders are dicks

Miles Traveled: 358

Start Time: 0723

End Time: 1815

Fuel Used: 10.397

MPG: 34.4

Fuel Cost: 21.54

Per Gallon: 2.07

For those who want the long version read on after the jump

Ever since my 2 week trip back in October of 2008 I decided the next trip I did I would have a GPS. It was a real hassle having to look down at my tank bag to try and find where I was or to see which exit I needed to take. So last week my new Garmin Zumo 450 arrived. I decided to head out towards the coast to give the GPS a test as well as stretch the legs on my new bike. This is the first decent mileage trip I’ve taken on it since I bought the bike back in November.

I left the house at 0723 Saturday morning. According to the weather channel it was going to shape up to be a beautiful day. I decided to get a few miles under my belt before I stopped for breakfast forgoing my usual Saturday morning Waffle House run. I was truely impressed with the GPS to this point. It has the ability to play mp3’s and when you get close to a turn the unit pauses the music, tells you which way to go and then starts the music back up..Simply brilliant if you ask me. I love riding with music and up to this the trip has flown by. I’ve ridden almost two hours of backroads and I pull into New Bern NC. I’m from Mississippi originally and the roads there are not the best in the world. Well..New Bern’s roads make Mississippi look like the roads are paved with gold. The entire downtown area was being resurfaced at the same time. So traffic was down to one lane on either side and there were the bigges, nastiest pot holes I’ve ever ridden on..It was quite a feat to zip around these holes while watching what was going on behind me, in front of me and keeping an eye on traffic signals…Score 1 for the GPS in this environment. There is no way I could’ve looked down to see what street I needed to turn on.

So the GPS takes me to a road where there used to be a bridge, actually there was a bridge there but it was going under major renovation and looked like it had been closed for awhile. No problem. The GPS has a “Detour” button and since there was a huge detour sign in front of me I figured this was as good a time as any to test it out.

Re-calculating…Re-Calculating…Turn left, go .1 miles then turn right

Perfect!! So I swing the bike around to the left and then right and…into a parking lot? Ummm…Ok so the GPS turned me into a parking lot and is now telling me to drive off into the Neuse River. *sigh* lovely..So I hit detour again and now I’m being told to leave the parking lot and to go straight..So that’s what I do..This is the point where I like to say the GPS freaked out. Every intersection it was telling me to go right then go right then go right. So back into the same parking lot I ended up. I get off the bike and walk down towards the river to make sure I’m not missing some road that hits the bridge. No luck….Well damn. So I walk out on the dock and there was one boat tied up and I hear something splashing around under the dock. I’m thinking there is a fish tied up to a stringer or something..Then I hear something that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up…Another large splash along with the unmistakeable whine of a dog.

So I get closer to the edge and look down in the water (the boat that was tied up was very small and there was at least a 4 foot drop down to the boat) I see a large brown dog swimming around, whining in an obvious panic’d state. My mind is racing on what I should do. I look around to see if anyone looks like they own the boat..Nothing. The dog sees me and starts whining again and I see him swim up to the boat and try to climb in..He couldn’t get in it. I look down at the boat again and I see that the dog is tied to the boat so he only has about 5 feet that he can swim out and around…There is no way this dog can get in the boat or get out of the water. I drop down into the boat and work my way to the back of it..The dog is there waiting for me whining. I reach down and grab its collar and start to try and get him out..It’s obvious now that he has no energy left so I get a better grip and yank him up out of the water..

I get his front paws up on the boat and he’s not moving…So reach back and pull the rest of him in the boat..At this point I’m soaking wet and it’s warm but not that warm outside..I stand up and see if anyone looks like they own the boat..Nothing…So I stand there for a few minutes trying to decide if I should just leave the dog, wait till the owner comes back or call the cops and let them sort it out…I think the dog was either a Chesapeake or some kind of lab so he was not easy to pick up..But I get him up ont he dock and climb up myself…The dog is soaking wet and shaking so I ask a couple who were standing at the dock if they know how to find out who owns a boat. They didn’t so I explain what happened and ask one of them to go over to my bike and pull a sweater out of my saddle bag. I dry the dog off the best I can and as I’m talking to them about what I should do I see someone walking across the park who looks like he might own the boat..The dog starts wagging his tail so I take that as he knows this guy..

He walks up and I ask him if this was his boat..He said it was..I said well the dog was in the water and couldn’t get back in the boat.

Me: Your dog was in the water whining and not able to get back in the boat. And since you tied him to the boat he couldn’t swim away.

Guy: He should know not to jump off the boat.

Me: … Are you fucking kidding me??

Me: I pulled him out of the water and he didn’t even have enough energy to help me get him out.

Guy: Well, thanks for getting him out. I shouldn’t have brought him with me..But every time I leave the house on the boat he runs and jumps in the water and won’t go back until I pick him up

Me: You should probably invest in some training to break him of that habit

Turns out he had brought his daughter in to some kind of art show and had been away from the boat with the dog tied to it for about 3 hours..So there’s no way to know how long he’d been in the water. I can’t put into words how pissed I was at this guy’s attitude. There are some people that shouldn’t be allowed to have pets and this guy was one of them. I spend about 20 minutes more talking to the couple. Really nice folks..Turns out they’re originally from New Jersey and bought a house down here 2 years ago.

Anyway..I get back on the road and the front of my shirt and pants are still soaked. I use the GPS to look for the nearest Waffle House and find it less than 3 miles away..Onwards and upwards..More tomorrow.

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  1. Wow, Super Jake to the rescue! (I hear the A-Team theme) You left out the part about the Harley Riders you found one that is not a dick? Explain.
    As far as the guy in the boat I would have beat his ass and tide him to the boat with a rope.

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