I really like diner food..There, I said it..Put me at a local greasy spoon and I’m damn happy.  I was out running errands today and decided to stop in at Rockin Comet Diner in Clayton NC. I’ve only eaten there a couple of times and to be honest I wasn’t impressed. This time I ordered the chicken fried steak with green beens and mac and cheese. Although the chicken fried steak was more chicken fried than steak it was still awesome and really hit the spot.

My favorite diner is still Waffle House..Some may argue this is not a diner since it’s a chain but to me it doesn’t get more diner than Waffle House. I usually go at least once a week and get the same thing every time. It’s gotten to the point that when I walk in I get a “hi” from all the staff and have a sweet tea at my stool before I sit down. It’s also to the point I don’t even have to tell them what I want. They just ask if I want the usual. The usual consists of: 3 eggs (overeasy), double order of hash browns (scattered, smothered, covered, and diced), and finally a side of patty sausage. That’s a good meal right there.

Right up near the top of my list is a place called Holy Smokes. It combines the diner feel with outstanding bbq. If you’re around Raleigh and looking for good bbq I highly recommend it. Thankfully the meat can stand alone and they don’t serve it in the typical eastern NC style. I’m not a fan of the vingar bbq stuff that marks eastern NC..If I want sauce I want something that sticks and doesn’t taste like I’m eating pickles…Sorry if you’re reading this think what I just typed is scraligous..I just don’t like vingar bbq..blech…

To me there is nothing better than hopping on the bike and riding to a diner for some food. I plan on exploring more of NC on the bike and I’ll post back with what I find. If you know of a diner or some place interesting drop me a comment, I’d love to check it out…

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  1. What happened to my favorite NC BBQ? I miss it… well, Spirit does too. By the way, we have been on the road for 3 years, not 9… some day we will! Thanks for the link. Stay in touch. Be well. Ara & Spirit

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