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  1. Jake good name I just had a grandson and my daughter named him Jake! Any way Jake my name is Allen and I live in Red Deer Alberta Canada and I have a C109rt same color as yours. I’d like to ad an exhaust system is it Hard Krome 2 into 1 side burner system? and did you ad a fuel processor? And if you don”t mind how was the cost? In Canada we have to look at exchange, duty,shipping and handling it gets expensive. I also herd about a seat set up my ass gets sore it’s called The Ultimate Seats co. looks nice but costs lots.
    Any way nice talking with you hope you don’t mind the questions.
    Thanks Allen

  2. Hey Allen,

    The pipes I have are Roadburner 2:1..I looked at the Hard Krome sideburners but the Roadburner’s were a bit cheaper…I didn’t go with the FI computer. So far I haven’t noticed any issues without it..No popping on decel and according to my mpg which I checked this morning I’m right on target with where I was with the stock pipes..

    I paid 576USD for these pipes from http://gmanindustries.com …He also has a FI module for ~276USD which I will probably end up getting eventually..

    As for the seat..My next purchase will be an Ultimate Seat..The first commenter on this post MrZoG bought one of those seats for his VTX and it’s like sitting on air..They’re expensive but from what I’ve see they’re worth the expense. Let me know if you have anymore questions 🙂

  3. Allen +1 on Ultimate Seats. I could ride many miles before being doubled over in pain, after I switched to US I can ride all day and not have any pain, this has been the single best investment I ever put on a bike. And any future bike will be bought based on if the make seats for it.

  4. It’s amazing what a change in pipes can do for the looks of a bike.

    And yeah.. I got A bike. Not the KZ-


    Long story. This was cheaper to insure, get fully insured, had a great deal and well… it really does have to do with my health. So I got a dream bike.

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