I Want, I Want, I Want, I Want!!

I’ve never been a real fan of bikes like those built by OCC. Don’t get me wrong they are awesome machines and I’ve seen one in person and they truly are art..But I don’t want to pay that much for a bike that I’d honestly be afraid to take out..

I found a site a few years back after the Discovery show “Biker Build-off” when they had a British bike builder named Russell Mitchell. He owns Exile Cycles. As he said on one of the shows he said to a guy that he could have any color bike as long as it was black. Every bike he builds is extremely clean and has a very industrial look to it. All the controls are usually hidden in the handlebars and the front/rear tires are ridiculously huge..I’m a fan..My bike now has a 150 front and 240 rear and I’ll never go back to skinnier tires..

I asked myself what would be a dream bike for me? Only one came to mind..Meet “Fat Bloke”

Fat Bloke

Ready to paint this bike goes for 30k…Ready to ride is 50k…If I had the money there would be a pic of a Fat Bloke with yours truly on it ;-). More pics can be found at Exile Cycles

3 thoughts on “I Want, I Want, I Want, I Want!!”

  1. Just a quick note to wish you a happy birthday kiddo. As usual your present is on it’s way. Day late and a dollar short as the saying goes. But happy birthday anyway. Love and miss you.
    Donna and Jim

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