Getting used to not having a fuel guage has been interesting to say the least. The previous owner said he never ran it to reserve and would fill up every 120 mi. Well, I did that the first time I rode it but noticed I wasn’t putting much gas in. So I gradually increased the distance I would travel, 120, 130, 140 and today I decided I was going to run it until I had to hit reserve.

The magic number: 162.5

When I hit that the bike lost power and sputtered so I knew that was it. I’ve accidently run it empty by not turning the fuel on in the morning. I pulled over (I don’t feel comfortable in my skillz yet to switch to reserve on the fly..That will change I’m sure 🙂 ) and switched to reserve and made a mental note of the mileage. I stopped at the next gas station and filled up with 3.253 gallons. So that works out to ~50mpg.

I’m extremely happy with that number since my daily commute is ~60mi round trip and it’s nothing but stop and go traffic. I figure once on the highway I can squeeze 180mpg out of it easily..

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