Workout 29-Jun-2010

Push ups 3×20
Crunches 5×20

Dumbell rows 4×12 with forced reps on all sets 35lbs
Twist and pull (not really sure the technical name) 4×12 35lb (cable)
Over all I’m disappointed with my back workout..Due to the lack of equipment my workout was really limited

Machine straight bar curls 2×12 40lbs, 2xfailure 20lbs
Concentration curls 2×12 25lbs each arm, 2xfailure 25lbs each arm
Standing curls 3×12 20lbs

Time: 30min
Calories burned: 482
Distance: 2.08 miles (2.37mi total including cool down)
Notes: Was able to complete without stopping…I ate some oats an hour before my workout..Seems to have pushed me through…Next time just plain oats, not maple syrup flavor..The sweetness was a bit much.

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