Workout 30-Jun-2010 (aka “Lunges are of the devil”)

Push ups 3×20
Crunches 5×20

Dumbbell squats 3×12 35lbs (form sucked)
Calf raises 3×20 45lbs (set 1 toes forward, set 2 toes out, set 3 toes in)
Lunges 3×15 35lbs
Machine squats 1×10 50lbs (these were on a pully machine…didn’t feel even)

Forward dumbbell raises 3×15 each shoulder 10lbs
Lateral shoulder raises 3×10 10lbs
Dumbbell shrugs 4×20 45lbs
Shoulder rotations forward 30sec, reverse 30sec, rest 1min 3 sets

Time: 30min +5min cooldown
Calories burned: 494
Distance: 2.09 miles (2.40mi total including cool down)
Notes: skipped oats today..had a late sushi lunch and powered through on that.

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