Workout 11-Jul-2010 (aka “Maybe I’m on to something here”)

Weigh in
307 (down 4 from last weigh in)

Flat dumbbell bench press 4×14 40lbs
Incline dumbbell bench press 4×14 40lbs
Incline cable flyes 3×14 40lbs

Dumbbell kickbacks 3x15lbs
Rope pulldowns 3×15 50lbs (Superset with kickbacks)
Overhead press 3×15 35lbs

Time: 40min +5min cooldown
Calories burned: 699
Distance: 2.91 miles (3.24mi total including cool down)
Notes: Cheat day was Saturday. I didn’t overeat but I had what I wanted.

3 eggs over easy, double order of hashbrowns (scattered, smothered, covered, diced), and a side of sausage with sweet tea to drink

BBQ brisquet, smoked sausage, with mac and cheese and baked beans. Lemonade to drink

Beef and bacon sub from subway with 20oz fanta orange

I think the next cheat day will just be a cheat meal. I felt really sick after eating all of that. It’s odd to think that only 3 weeks ago this would be a normal day of eating for me. I weighed in today since I’ll be traveling tomorrow and I don’t know if the hotel has a scale that I can trust. I’m at 307lb. When I first weighed in June 2nd I was 315lbs. It’s nice to see some progress and I also dropped a belt hole. I think from here on out I’m going to add a section to track what I eat as well. I’m sort of keeping up with calories with but I think a record of it here and the action of documenting it will keep me honest.

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