Workout 13-Jul-2010 (aka “What have I gotten myself into”)

One arm dumbbell raises 4x35lbs

Dumbbell curls 1×14 25lbs, 4×10 35lbs
Hammer curls 3×15 25lbs

Time: 28min +5min cooldown
Calories burned: 506
Distance: No idea..the hotel elliptical doesn’t tell you distance
Notes: This is proving to be harder than I thought. I’ve not eaten healthy. Of the 3 meals I’ve had here one was at buffalo wild wings (I did have a wrap but I think the onion rings cancelled it out 🙁 ). Also had Waffle House and let’s be honest, nothing at Waffle House is healthy..I’m chalking that one up to being tired and frustrated and it was quick. Tomorrow I’ve got to slow down and get my meals in and make them count. I don’t want to go back into store mode..

The workout room at the hotel maxes out with 35lb dumbbells. Not bad I guess..I can still get a good workout..I’ll just need to increase the reps/sets with larger muscle groups. Maintaining is going to be harder than I thought. But I now know what I’m up against and I’m going to adjust to succeed…

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