Equipment Shakedown

So this weekend will be the first run with what I have on hand. So far that includes:

  • SissyBar Luggage
  • Tent (freaking *huge* tent)
  • Rain Gear (hopefully it gets here in time. I ordered it yesterday with 2nd day shipping, fingers crossed)

I still so very uncertain that this tent was the best purchase for a solo trip. I didn’t get a chance to set it up over the weekend since I was sick (read back one post to get the details). I’m hoping to find time this week to set it up a few times.

This tropical storm could prove interesting. If it comes in and gives us some rain this will be a really good test of equipment and rider. I’m a bit nervous since the place I’m going camping has nothing but *very* dusty gravel roads. I’ve only ridden on a few gravel roads and from what I remember it wasn’t fun. But taking it slow and at my own pace is what I’ll be doing..

More later…

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