Workout 25-Jul-2010 (aka “Back in the saddle”)

Weigh in
304 (down 3lbs from last weigh in..down 11lbs since 7/2/2010)

Flat dumbbell bench press
1×14 – 30lbs (Warm up)
1×12 – 35lbs
1×10 – 40lbs
1×8 – 40lbs

Incline dumbbell bench press
1×14 – 25lbs
1×12 – 30lbs
1×10 – 30lbs
1×8 – 35lbs

Machine pushdowns (straight bar)
1×20 – 60lbs (Warm up)
1×12 – 80lbs
1×10 – 80lbs
1×10 – 80lbs

Machine pushdowns (Rope)
1×10 – 70lbs
1×8 – 80lbs
1×6 – 90lbs
1×4 – 100lbs

Overhead press
3×10 – 25lbs

Time: 40min +5min cooldown
Calories burned: 706
Distance: 2.96 miles (3.28mi total including cool down)

Very, very surprised at the loss over the last 2 weeks. I didn’t weigh at all while I was in PHX and I didn’t eat that healthy either..But I did watch my portions and there were some days where I just didn’t have time to eat. Not the healthiest way to do it but I guess a 3lb weight loss is worth it.. Workout was awesome today. I bought a notebook to take with me so I can log what I do after I do it. It helped me keeping up with sets and weight used on this blog but I didn’t always check my blog before I started working out. With a log book there with me I can just flip over and see what I did the day before.

I put in for a gym membership through work which will all me to use NC State’s campus gym. That should kick in August 1st. I’m really considering getting a gym membership on my own closer to the house. Right now I have to drive into work to use the gym and the drive won’t change once my NC State membership kicks in. I’ve never been good with gym memberships..I generally sign up, go a few times and then never go again…I really feel like this time is different. I enjoy working out and I’m enjoying trying new foods and staying away from fast food. I’ll price the local gym out this week and see if it would be worthwhile to have it. I think I’d only use it on the weekends so it may not be worth the added cost. We shall see.

still adjusting my sleep schedule back to EDT so I slept through bfast 😀

2 sausage sandwiches..2 glasses of OJ

1 hamburger steak with brown rice and gravy. Side salad

2 tbl spoons of cottage cheese with half of a peach, diced

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  1. I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering if you were back home yet! Have you built your workshop yet? That was another thing I was wondering about!

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