Workout 26-Jul-2010 (aka “Ya’ll gonna make me lose my cool up in here!” )

Pull downs (wide grip)
1×15 – 80lbs (Warm up)
1×12 – 100lbs
1×6 – 110lbs
1×6 – 110lbs

Pull downs (narrow grip)
1×10 – 100lbs
1×6 – 110lbs
1×6 – 110lbs
1×6 – 90lbs

Dumbbell Row (each side counts as 1 set)
1×8 35lbs
1×8 35lbs

Dumbbell curls
1×14 – 25lbs (Warm up)
1×12 – 30lbs
1×10 – 35lbs
1×7 – 35lbs
1×4 – 35lbs

Hammer curls
1×8 – 30lbs
1×6 – 35lbs
1×4 – 35lbs
1×4 – 35lbs

Time: 40min +5min cooldown
Calories burned: 719
Distance: 2.99 miles (3.32mi total including cool down)

Nothing really to note today…Good workout..I like keeping a log of what I’m doing..This is the second day of the journal and I find it’s make me work harder and push myself. I’m debating whether I should up my cardio. I think 40 min is pushing how long I can do it without getting frustrated. For now as long as I’m making gains I’ll stick with 40 min. I’ve also started spec’ing out a new workout. Some different exercises so I don’t get bored and plateau.

bagel with cream cheese

2 tuna sandwiches (Starkist Tuna Creations Sweet and Spicy flavor..Which tasted sort of like the chicken and rice MRE with tabasco sauce..Luckily that was my fav 🙂 )

2 bowls of frosted mini-wheats cereal ( I was so exhausted when I got home I passed out on the couch for 2 no cooking)

12 vanilla wafers with glass of milk

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