Workout 27-Jul-2010 (aka “It’s time to play the game!”)

Front raises
1×15 – 15lbs (Warm up)
1×10 – 20lbs
1×8 – 25lbs
1×8 – 25lbs

1×10 – 25lbs
1×8 – 25lbs
1×10 – 25lbs
1×7 – 25lbs

Cable lateral raises
1×10 20lbs
1×10 20lbs
1×10 20lbs
1×10 20lbs

Squats (Dumbbell)
1×10 – 30lbs (Warm up)
1×10 – 35lbs
1×8 – 40lbs
1×5 – 40lbs
1×4 – 40lbs

1×10 – bodyweight
1×8 – 20lbs
1×10 – 20lbs
1×8 – 25lbs

Time: 40min +5min cooldown
Calories burned: 695
Distance: 2.93 miles (3.28mi total including cool down)

Cardio after lunges and squat sucks! All in all a really good workout..I pushed the cardio hard because I didn’t want to stop because I worked my legs. So the total distance was a bit lower I still feel like it was a good workout. I’m always worried working out my shoulders since my right shoulder has had issues in the past (Shoulder Impingment) so I tend to take it light and not push myself. Today I bumped the weight up and after a proper warm up it felt ok..But something I’ll have to keep my eye on. The last thing I want right now is an injury.

2 packs of oatmeal and a banana

2 salmon sandwiches (Starkist packaged salmon, honey wheat bread)

1 chicken breast with sautéed bell peppers and brown rice with a side salad

12 vanilla wafers with glass of milk

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