Rest Day 28-July-2010 (aka “Which way did you say it was to the couch?”)

I didn’t intend on taking a rest day today..But the workout I’m on calls for a rest day on the 4th day…I also forgot my shorts this morning and I’m really sore from working my legs yesterday. I met with a nutritionist today at work and she really liked my mindset as well as the changes I’ve made. It’s nice to get reassurance that what I’m doing makes sense and should be beneficial. One thing I noticed this morning, I woke up extremely hungry. I’m thinking this is because I worked legs yesterday and on days I work large muscles I’m thinking of sticking with cottage cheese as a before bed snack. This will give me some good, easily digestible protein for my muscles to use for repair overnight.

I ended up going out to lunch today with some co-workers. I didn’t overeat and I feel like what I got was fairly healthy and it wasn’t a large portion..Since I didn’t get a workout today I adjusted dinner to something a bit smaller instead of what I had planned. Over all I’m feeling really good about the progress I’ve made. Tomorrow I’ll be back in the gym as normal.

bagel with cream cheese

Thai Villa noodles with beef and a sweet tea

2 roast beef sandwiches with pepperjack cheese and a glass of milk

don’t know that I’ll have a snack tonight.

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