Workout 29-Jul-2010 (aka “GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAL[s]”)

Flat bench dumbbell
1×14 – 35lbs (Warm up)
1×12 – 40lbs
1×10 – 40lbs
1×7 – 45lbs
1×6 – 45lbs
1×2 – 50lbs

Crossover cable (machine)
1×10 – 60lbs
1×8 – 80lbs
1×8 – 80lbs
1×6 – 80lbs

Decline Bench Press Dumbbell
1×8 35lbs
1×8 35lbs
1×8 35lbs

Machine rope pulldowns
1×12 – 80lbs (Warm up)
1×10 – 100lbs
1×6 – 100lbs
1×5 – 110lbs
1×3 – 120lbs

Machine straight bar pulldowns
1×10 – 80lbs
1×10 – 90lbs
1×6 – 100lbs

Time: 40min +5min cooldown
Calories burned: 727
Distance: 3.01 miles (3.34mi total including cool down)

I’m learning that I need to create little goal throughout my workout to keep myself motivated and interested. Today I challenged myself to lift more than I did the last time I worked my chest and triceps. So I flipped back in my little log book and off I went. I didn’t plan on benching the 50lb dumbbells (which max out the weight at the gym at work) but I was able to do it twice..Well, I actually did it 4 times but 2 of those were really sloppy so I didn’t count them. I did 2 good, solid reps with 50lb dumbbells..I’m really stoked about that!

I’ve also had an ongoing challenge to break 3 miles during cardio. I don’t look at the distance until I’m completely done. I do this because I want to keep a steady pace throughout the workout and not realize I’m very close to making my goal and push at the end. I want to push the entire 40 min. I kept my pace ~158-162 strides per min and was able to maintain that pace for a full 40 min and I broke 3 miles! I came soooo close Monday with 2.99 miles. Today I finally broke it…I’m happy but also realize I have to push for 3.25 now :-). All in all this week’s workouts have been really good. I workout like that workout is going to be my last.

2 packs of oatmeal and a banana

Chicken breast with sauteed bell peppers and brown rice (leftovers)

1 chicken breast with the last bit of peppers and a glass of milk

2tbs of cottage cheese with a peach

2 thoughts on “Workout 29-Jul-2010 (aka “GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAL[s]”)”

  1. I’m certainly trying to be dedicated. I’m seeing progress with weight loss and strength increase and that makes me push even more. It’s not been easy…There are days I just don’t want to do anything but those are typically the days that I feel the best after I workout.

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