Rest day 31-Jul-2010

Today was a rest day as well as cheat meal day. I like the way I have my rest days setup. I start my workout week on Sunday and this allows me to take off Wednesday. Then workout Thursday and Friday with the next rest day on Saturday. Originally I had Saturday and Sunday as rest days but two days off back to back really had me itching to workout again. It was rather by accident that I found this pattern..But I’ll go with it for a while and see what happens.

Really funny thing happened when I was getting ready to leave the house. I was tightening my belt up and I just got back down to the second hole a couple of weeks ago and I noticed it was tighter than usual. So I panic’d a bit thinking that I’d gained some inches back..I looked down and I was in the third hole of my belt! I’ve had this belt since 2003ish and I’ve never used the third hole…It was tight, but not uncomfortable. I ended up going back to the 2nd hole but it’s really nice to see how progress manifests itself 🙂

Cheat meal was at Buffalo Wild Wings. I didn’t go overboard but it was sure good 🙂

Bowl of frosted mini wheats

1 roast beef sandwich with pepperjack cheese and a glass of milk

Mid-afternoon Snack
medium size soft pretzel and medium blended lemonade from Barnes and Noble (If i snack during the day it’s usually a nutri-grain bar and some green tea..But I was feeling pretty hungry and didn’t want to overdo dinner)

Garlic mushrooms with ranch dip….Buffalo chicken wrap with potato wedges (didn’t finish all the potato wedges) and lemonade

1 slice of cheesecake from Buffalo Wild Wings and glass of milk

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