Workout 12-Aug-2010 (aka “This would be a lot easier if fat was as easy to lose as it is to gain”)

Straight bar (machine hooked to both weight stacks)
1×20 – 220lbs (Warm Up)
1×8 – 240lbs
1×7 – 240lbs
1×5 – 210lbs
1×5 – 210lbs

Close grip
1×20 – 130lbs
1×12 – 160lbs
1×10 – 180lbs
1×8 – 190lbs
1×6 – 200lbs (full stack on one side of machine)
1×8 – 200lbs
1×6 – 200lbs
1×6 – 200lbs

Bentover dumbbell rows
1×10 – 35lbs
1×8 – 40lbs
1×6 – 40lbs
1×4 – 45lbs
1×4 – 45lbs
1×4 – 50lbs (Maxed out work gym dumbbells)
1×4 – 50lbs
1×6 – 50lbs

Straight bar machine curl
1×12 – 70lbs (Warm up)
1×12 – 80lbs
1×10 – 90lbs
1×8 – 100lbs
1×6 – 100lbs

Dumbbell Curls
1×8 – 30lbs
1×10 – 25lbs
1×10 – 20lbs
1×10 – 20lbs
1×10 – 20lbs

Time: 25min (20 min + 5 min cooldown)
Calories burned: 416
Distance: 1.60 miles (1.95 with cooldown)
Resistance: 7

I never thought I’d feel unmotivated this early in the game. It’s been close to 2 months so I think it’s time to change up the workout a bit. I’ve started going heavier with 6-8 reps then lighter with more reps alternating. Today I changed my cardio as well. It’s been a real struggle to get 30 min and feel like I pushed myself totally. I get a good workout and I sweat a lot and obviously burn more calories but it’s monotonous. Today I did 20 min and kept my pace ~171-175. Usually it’s ~160-165. I felt like I got a better push and I think I can focus on bumping up my pace and get the same amount of calories burned as I did in 30 min.

Of course I’ll be posting here with updates on how things are going for me. I cheated a bit today with breakfast. I should have gotten a cup of yogurt on my way out but I didn’t so I got a sausage egg and cheese wrap and a blueberry muffin. I refuse to feel guilty about this. I also forgot my lunch today. So I went out with co-workers..Didn’t get the healthiest thing but I didn’t over do it and felt good after eating. Dinner was back on track and even though I got off the wagon a bit it’s not going to destroy the progress I’ve made already or send me into some out of control spiral of big macs and vanilla shakes 🙂

Sausage egg and cheese wrap and blueberry muffin

tuna wrap with pretzels and lemonade

butterflied pork chop with brown rice and sliced tomatoe

Cottage cheese single

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