Workout 18-Aug-2010

One arm dumbbell row
2 arm bent over dumbbell row

(1 set is all three exercises with no rest between the 3 and a 1-2 min break in between giant sets)
1×10 – 35lbs
1×10 – 40lbs
1×4 – 40lbs

Dumbbell Curls
Seated concentration curls
Hammer curls

(1 set is all three exercises with no rest between the 3 and a 1-2 min break in between giant sets)
1×10 – 25lbs
1×10 – 25lbs
1×10 – 25lbs

Type: Treadmill
Time: 35min (30 min + 5 min cooldown)
Calories burned: 392
Distance: 2.32 miles
Pace: 4.2mph

Started a new work that’s designed to shock my muscles..I don’t think I’ve posted where I get my workouts from but I’ve found a couple of sites.
Muscle and Strength

The workout I’m currently using is called “Giant Sets“. The previous workout I used and had great results, and one I’ll probably go back to is called “Doug’s Six Day Cutting Routine“.

Now comparing these two workouts and you’ll see that the current workout is a 3 day split while the 6 day workout is done on a 3 day, 1 off split. I’m sore today from the new workout which is awesome. I haven’t quite been able to get that good sore after a workout for about a week or so. With the Giant Set routine I’m doing 3 exercises for 10 reps with no rest in between each one. This pattern is done for 3 sets with 1-2 min break between each set of 3 exercises. I can tell you it wiped me out. I ended up dropping weight on some sets just so I could focus on good form and I still feel like I got a good workout.

It was a struggle for me to change my workout. I’d gotten comfortable with my “normal” routine and therein lies the problem. My body is kind of off kilter now and I hope to keep it that way.

I’m still fiddling with my eating schedule. I feel like I get good calories and fat but I’m doing it in 3 meals a day which I think may not be the best way to go. I dread the thought of having to fix small meals and continually eat but I think it’s coming to that point. I wake up in the morning and I feel extremely hungry. Which is not good. I try to give my body some easily digestible proteins before I go to bed for repair but I think I may need to add something to that. Also I feel extremely tired ~2-3pm. I usually have an Oat ‘N Honey bar with a cup of green tea in order to have enough energy to make my workout. I think what’s happening is my body is burning more calories that it was when I started working out so I need to start giving it a bit more to get me through workouts. Anyway, more on that later.

Bagel with cream cheese

Salad with 2 bowls of soup

Post WorkoutDinner
2 Roast beef sandwiches and 4 cheese cubes

1 serving of greek yogurt with strawberries

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