Back to the Gym

I’ll start out by saying that cheesecake is a bad idea if you’re even remotely planning on working out..Trust me on this..Anyway…First day back in the gym (with the intention of going the next day).

Weigh In
Total Loss Since 7/2010 -29lbs

Flat Bench
1×15 45lbs (warmup)
1×8 50lbs
1×6 50lbs
1×6 45lbs

Incline Bench
1×8 110lbs
1×6 110lbs

Rope Pulldowns
1×20 60lbs (warm up)
1×9 70lbs
1×8 90lbs
1×6 100lbs

Straight Bar
1×8 90lbs
1×8 90lbs
1×8 100lbs

Seriously, cheesecake is a bad idea before a workout.. Energy bottomed out about half way through but I did what I could. I’ve certainly learned my lesson on that one. Otherwise things felt good…I think there’s been some strength loss or it could have been the cheesecake..I know I keep harping on it..But cheesecake was a *hugely* bad idea..

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