Tent Setup

So this is a bit late but I finally got pics up of the dry run setup of the tent…First off let me say that this tent may have been a bad choice. It might work for an extended trip but the 1 or 2 night stays that I’m planning for October may make this tent too much of a hassle. I was planning to attempt the shakedown run for this past weekend..Guess what happened? Tropical Storm Hanna happened…I don’t know when I’ll be able to plan another one..This weekend coming up is our monthly outage window at work so I’ll be working late Friday/early Saturday…The weekend of the 20th – 21st I have my MSF riders’ edge course..Barring any more hurricanes/tropical storms or other madness I’ll be going Sep 27th – 28th..Hopefully :-/

The first run took me almost 5 hours to setup…Yea..5 hours..I haven’t setup a tent in a very long time and to top it off the directions were quite vague. I finally ditched the directions and just set about figuring it out..

I’ve added the pics to my Gallery.

This is how I felt after setting the damn thing up

I hate you tent

2 thoughts on “Tent Setup”

  1. Sweet looking tent, however 5 hour install is for the birds. install a heavy duty kickstand on teh bike and sleep on it like a recliner.

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