The Final Countdown

Ok..So that title sounds a bit dramatic…You may have noticed the countdown thingy over on the right side there…It’s counting down to 2/1/2011..What’s so special about that day? Well, I’m glad you asked! That’s the day that a few co-workers and I myself committed to start a 90 day workout challenge. Back in June of 2010 I took part in a 90 day challenge through work and while I finished it (admittedly not putting 100% out every day) it was tough to stay on track because I only had myself to hold accountable. I ended up losing 35lbs over that 90 day span. I probably could have lost more had I had more motivation and accountability.

I bet you’re sayiing “But you shouldn’t have to rely on other people to keep you motivated! You should just be able to do it and keep going!” I’m not wired like that. Over the last year I’ve done of a lot of self discovery and I realize that I can’t just go to the gym, and eat right day after day after day..I get bored. And getting bored causes me to slip. But as I found with the last 90 day challenge, if I know there’s an end date and something to look forward to then I’ll be more inclined to stick with the workout.

So, on 2/1/2011 I’ll be starting the workout program called P90X. And before anyone (else) comments:

Yes I know: It will be hard, I will feel like dying, I will be sore beyond belief, I will probably throw up, and yes, I’m very nervous about doing it..

I’m going to do it and I’m going to give it 120% and I’m following the plan to the letter for 90 days. I’ve never gotten a home workout so it will take some getting used to. I will be doing the pre-assessment on 1/27 and I’ll be taking some before pics tonight and posting them on here tomorrow or Monday (yes, I’m putting it off as long as possible!). I’ll also be keeping track of my planning and how I’m feeling throughout the workout. My co-workers will be doing the same on their respective blogs so look for some new links in the sidebar in the next few days.

So there you have it…The next few months this blog will see a good amount of activity so be sure to check back in!

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  1. Motivation is VERY important. This sounds as if it will suit you. And be thinking about motivation for when you get through. I lost 49 pounds in that year with UVM but I have gained 20 of them back.

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