By The Book

I’m committed to doing P90X by the book. With that in mind tonight was the fitness test. Here are my results with a Pass/Fail rating according to the book:

  • Resting Heart Rate: 72 (Pass. Pretty sure you just need to have a heartbeat to pass this one!)
  • Pull-up: 0 (Fail. In fact, a big fat fail on this one. Min is 3 unassisted which I couldn’t do)
  • Vertical Leap: 7in (Pass Min is 5in.)
  • Push-up: 3 (Fail Another big fat fail :-(. Min is 15 which as me concerned..That’s a pretty big gap.)
  • Toe-Touch: -5 (Pass 5in away from touching my toes. Fail was anything over -6)
  • Wall Squat: 2 min (Pass Min is 1 min with quads parallel to the floor)
  • Bicep Curls 10 with 35lbs (Pass Min is 10 curls with 20lbs)
  • In & Outs 28 (Pass Min is 25)
  • Heart Rate Maximizer HR175 @0min, HR115 @1min, HR99 @2min, HR94 @3min, HR91 @4min (Pass Complete full 2 min of jumping jacks at a steady fast pace with the last 30 seconds at sprint. HR measured immediately after and then at 1min increments.)

Overall I’m happy with the fit test. I feel like the time I’ve put in already actually has me somewhat prepared to give this my all..I actually did feel like throwing up after the 2 min of jumping jacks so I’m fairly certain that will be a familiar feeling during the next 90 days.

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