Paint Project

If you know me, you know I don’t like chrome…at all…I took my windshield apart a while back and had it powdercoated black. I loved the look but since I had no place to keep my bike UV rays faded the paint really quickly and it looked worse than it did when it was chrome. Last week I ripped it apart again and tried something different this time. Instead of using paint I picked up some truckbed liner. For those unfamiliar it’s a textured paint that hardens and should withstand the abuses that a truckbed sees. It’s also fairly UV resistant.

Still together
still together

First coat done
1st coat

Second coat done
2nd coat

I’m going to let this coat dry and I may do a third coat. I’ve found that I really enjoy the process of cleaning, prepping, and painting all the bits. I seem to remember there are other colors of bedliner so I may get creative and see what comes out 🙂

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