Self Doubt

For the last 3 months or so I’ve been working on a project that I’m almost ready to announce to the world. It’s been a long three months but things are starting to fall into place. I should be happy, excited, whatever…But instead all that I feel is raging self doubt..I don’t know enough about what I’m doing, I’m going to mess up some paperwork, or that I’m going to flat out fail.

I’m going to push through it simply because I have to. I may fail, I may fall flat on my face but I think about how I was before I started on this journey 3 short months ago and I will not go back to that person..I can’t.

3 thoughts on “Self Doubt”

  1. Whatever you decide to be or do, I hope you will remember I love you and that am wholeheartedly behind you. Anything I can do to help you, I will do if I can…

    Now, details?? LOL
    Much love…

  2. Sometimes it is the journey, not the destination, that is important. The things that change us and shape us and turn us into the person we WANT to be. Those things, no matter the outcome, are valuable and wonderful.

    And besides… I believe you can do anything you put your mind to. If this is the thing I know about, I truly believe you will rock. And I’ll be buying you the slogan t-shirt I came up with for your birthday!! 🙂

  3. No matter what, pass or fail you have many people that will be here to support you and help in any way that is needed. If you don’t breakout of the norm once in a while then how will know that you really lived life?

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