The Storm

Yesterday a storm rolled through my community and knocked down several trees and broke off some huge limbs. Power was off at the house when I got home so I decided to go out and grab a bite to eat. On the way back home I stopped to get gas and noticed the credit card readers were down..They were down at 4 of the 5 stations I stopped at. No big deal right? Well, I don’t carry cash and I haven’t in several years. Had I not found a station that would let me use my debit card I probably wouldn’t have had enough gas to get home.

Luckily this is a pretty easy problem to solve. I now have a small amount of cash for gas only and will be putting a small amount of cash in/on every vehicle I have. The bigger issue is what if there was no power to any of the gas stations? I don’t really want to get into keeping spare gas but I may find a way to put a 5gal Jerry can or something in the back of the truck. I already have one of these for each motorcycle. Time to find something similar for the truck and find a way to store is safely and securely.

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