Technical Snags

A couple of weeks ago I started having problems starting my bike. It was like the battery was dead and just didn’t have enough juice to crank. Upon pulling off the battery cover I noticed that the battery was quite deformed and swollen. I removed it and went in search of a replacement. Sufficed to say no one has that type of battery in a 50mile radius of Raliegh except the Stealership which, of course, is closed on Sunday and Monday. After paying for a new battery and getting it back in and the bike back to normal I thought nothing else about it..I checked the battery on the 7 day mark and it had no issues.

Fast forward to today. I took a pretty long ride and at stop lights I noticed a rotten egg/dead animal smell. Once I got home I tracked it down to the battery. Looks like the battery has been overcharged and got so hot that it has deformed now and was venting out of the top. After doing some searches online I found several people who’ve had this exact problem. It looks to be related to a bad voltage regulator/rectifier. I’ve pulled the battery and the old rectifier out and the new one should be here Tuesday. I’m hoping I can salvage the battery but I may just order a battery and have it sent to Brian’s house in MS so I can change it out when I get there. (btw..Brian can I have a battery shipped to your house? :-D).

I’ve been kind of waiting for something to go wrong and now that it has I’m not as stressed about it as I expected to be. Hopefully this will fix this issue and I can go about my business..We shall see..

6 days left.

2 thoughts on “Technical Snags”

  1. Reluctantly crouched at the starting line,
    Engines pumping and thumping in time.
    The green light flashes, the flags goes up,
    Churning and burning, they yern for the cup.

    Regulator arrives tomorrow, you leave in 2 days. Meet up 4 days after that. Then Zang we’re gone.

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