A Picture Post

This is my new workshop. I haven’t been this excited about something in a *really* long time! I’m waiting for the builder to do a few final things and then I can move in and start setting up. The two windows together were an addon so my mom could setup her art studio…From what I can gather she’s pretty excited about it too 🙂

Footers dug out
Footers being dug

More after the jump

Block foundation
Block Foundation

Another pic of the foundation

One wall up and 2 more ready to go
one wall up and two more ready to go

another of the walls

Walls are up!
walls up

Literally a day later. Siding and roof on.
siding and roof on

Got an Edison bulb b/c I think they’re pretty cool.
edison bulb

Power inside!

I love the light that Edison bulbs put out.
edison bulb on

Rock base for slab.
base for slab

This sucker was loud!
concrete being poured

Almost done. Just a few more things to do then I can move in!
slab poured

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