Fitness Assessment 02-Aug-2010

Resting Heart Rate: 65
Systolic BP: 118
Diastolic BP: 84
Body Mass Index: 33.8*
Body Fat:: 20.9*
Bicep Strength: 91lbs
Aerobic Fitness: 25.4*
Back Flexibility:17*

* Denotes needs improvement

Overall I can see improvement in resting HR and BP from my dr’s visit in late June. I expected the body fat to be higher. According to the Wellness Center’s little program I need to lose 11lbs to be in the “Fit” category. My goal weight is 240lbs.

Height: 79in
Weight:: 300.1lbs
Chest Circumference: 48.5in
Abdomen Circumference: 49.5in
Hip Circumference: 48.0in
Right Bicep Circumference: 16in
Right Thigh Circumference:24.75in
Left Bicep Circumference:16in
Left Thigh Circumference:24.75in
Chest Skinfold:16.5mm
Abdomen Skinfold:33.4mm
Thigh Skinfold:20.0mm

I can have another assessment in 90 days which I fully plan on taking advantage of.

Workout 01-Aug-2010 (aka “You can’t see it..But this is my surprised face”)

Weigh In:
300 (down 4lbs from last weigh in and down 15lbs since 7/2/2010)

Leg Extentions
1×15 – 95lbs (Warm Up)
1×12 – 110lbs
1×10 – 125lbs
1×10 – 140lbs
1×8 – 155lbs
1×6 – 170lbs
1×4 – 185lbs

Seated Press
1×10 – 200lbs
1×10 – 240lbs
1×8 – 280lbs
1×6 – 320lbs
1×4 – 340lbs

Leg Curl (Hamstrings)
1×12 – 80lbs
1×10 – 110lbs
1×6 – 125lbs

Dumbbell Press
1×12 – 25lbs (Warm up)
1×8 – 30lbs
1×6 – 35lbs
1×3 – 40lbs

Front Raises
1×10 – 25lbs
1×6 – 25lbs
1×4 – 30lbs

Cable Laterals
1×10 – 30lbs
1×4 – 40lbs
1×4 – 40lbs

Dumbbell Shrugs
1×12 – 50lbs
1×10 – 60lbs

Time: 35min
Calories burned: No clue
Distance: lost count of laps

Another workout at the Wellness Center and I went ahead and joined up since they were having a special. Today was also weigh in day. I checked at the Wellness Center before working out and I thought the scale was off so I didn’t really think much of it. After working out I went to work and checked on the scale there since it’s been the one I’ve used since I started working out. 300lbs on both…I’m honestly speechless at this. I didn’t think 15lbs would come off this quickly. I’m certainly not going to say it’s been easy. I bust my ass every day I workout. I’ve been worried about losing muscle instead of fat but looking at my log book I’m adding weight every workout and adding reps. So I don’t think it’s muscle that I’m losing.

Today was a bit different for cardio. The last time I did my leg workout I don’t feel like I got a good cardio session simply because my legs were so tired. So today I hit the pool for some laps. I’d forgotten how much of a workout swimming is. I enjoyed but I’m not sure if I got as good of a workout as I would have on the elliptical. I was certainly breathing hard and felt like I got a workout but with no little digital readout telling me how many calories, how many laps, etc I’m just not sure if it was comparable.

Egg white omelet with 1 yolk, 4 sausage patties, half glass of milk

chicken breast with leftover sauteed bell peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes. glass of milk with 8 vanilla wafers

2 Turkey burgers with pepperjack cheese and brussel sprouts (I know..Strange combo..The fries I thought i had in my freezer went missing)

2tbs of natural peanut butter and half a glass of milk